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Emvi Beauty

Nopal (Cactus) Facial Clay Mask

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Our "Nopal (Cactus)" Facial Buffing Mask is for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients:
Nopal Powder can calm and soothe irritated or inflamed skin making it perfect for acne prone and sensitive skin.
Green Tea Powder (Matcha) has antioxidant properties and provides a gentle exfoliation.  It also helps reduce skin irritation and skin redness.

Directions: Mix 1 tsp. with 1 tsp. of water or liquid of choice, until a nice paste is formed. Apply. Let dry. Leave on for 10 minutes. Wash off. Follow up with a moisturizer.

Use once or twice a week.

 Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Nopal Powder, Bentonite Clay, Green Tea Powder

Net Weight: 1.25 oz 
You will receive ONE (2 oz.) glass bottle.